This Christmas give Beauty with our treatments

This Christmas give Beauty with our treatments

This Christmas there is nothing better than giving beauty. From Tiendas Agatha we advise you to give facial or body treatments to enhance and care for the skin. You will give a moment of peace and relaxation, an unforgettable and perfect gift for Christmas.

Below we show you some of the treatments we perform in our beauty centers. We have one for each type of skin, for any problem and from different high end cosmetic firms. In addition, you will put the recipient of the gift in good hands, as we have a team of experienced beauty consultants who have a passion for beauty.

Anti-aging treatments by Natura Bissé

Made with products from the prestigious Natura Bissé brand, all our facial treatments offer surprising results from the first session. Include regular treatments in your beauty routine and then you will notice how your complexion transforms. Whether your skin needs a detoxifying cleanser, an anti-stain treatment or an anti-aging ritual, in our menu of face protocols you will find the right facial treatment for you.

The cure: Deep hygiene + Treatment

It is an innovative and sophisticated treatment that cleans and detoxifies. It smoothes and revitalizes the skin, which appears fresh and bright.

The effects of wrinkle treatment can be perceived in a single session. Even so, to get wrinkles to disappear gradually, it is advisable to perform the treatment by completing a protocol of at least four sessions. Our four session bonus includes a facial cleansing with the first session.

Diamond Cocoon Natura Bissé treatment

Diamond Cocoon Experience is a facial treatment created to reverse the effects of modern pollution and stress.

Who is this facial treatment with stem cells for? It is ideal for devitalized, poorly nourished faces and lack of luminosity. It works very well to prevent other signs of aging from the age of 35.

Treatment Vitamin C Natura Bissé

This antioxidant treatment repairs battered skin by the sun or other external agents, fighting premature signs of aging. It stimulates the production of collagen, which renews the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Who is it for?

  • Skins that show signs of premature aging.
  • Mature, flaccid or dehydrated skin.
  • Skins that suffer sun damage, hyper-pigmented and with dark spots.

Chemical peels and stain treatments.

Chemical peeling is a very effective treatment for different skin problems. It is highly recommended to treat stains. Purifies and oxygenates the skin, leaving it hydrated and free of impurities. Among its many benefits we find:

  • Get ​​to close the pores dilated.
  • Fights the effects of aging, reducing wrinkles and providing elasticity.
  • It brings luminosity to the skin.
  • It clarifies and attenuates pigmentary lesions or spots, providing a depigmenting action.
  • Reduces the manifestations of acne and improves the appearance of scars.

 Oxygen therapy

The oxygen therapy treatment consists of a combination of pure oxygen and serums exclusively designed and formulated to activate oxygenation and cell regeneration. With oxygen therapy, the vitality and youth of the skin is recovered, reduces the signs of aging, and eliminates the traces of stress and tension from the first session. It is highly recommended for people suffering from stress in their day to day.

Anti-cellulite or relaxing body treatment

Through the anti-cellulite massages we will be able to open the pores, mobilize the lymphatic system, break the fat, and thereby facilitate the penetration of the cosmetic products that are used. In this way we will obtain more effective and immediate results when performing treatments to combat soft, edematous and hard cellulite in the affected areas. In addition, we will enhance the effect of our cosmetics.

Body Hydration Treatment

A highly recommended gift is a treatment focused on recovering body hydration. It is a series of Massages designed to provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin. It improves skin tone in addition to being an additional treatment to prevent stretch marks and scars.


With the revolutionary Rollaction treatment, the loss of an average of 2 sizes is achieved without losing weight, the drastic reduction of sagging, skin toning, musculature and vascular system, figure remodeling, removal of retained fluids, natural metabolism activation and elimination of muscle contractures. Sounds good, right? It is the new active physio massage system inspired by the movements of the masseuse's hands, capable of accessing deeper tissues such as musculature and adipose tissue, where the most rebellious cellulite is found.

Rollaction compresses and glides on the surface, without causing any traction on the skin and accessing even the most cystic cellulite, eliminating sagging, as well as liquids, fats, cell debris, etc.

For a better result in the treatments we recommend performing a facial hygiene before so that the products penetrate the skin and therefore have a greater result in the skin. You can buy these treatments by calling 958 100 101, we will prepare you a nice gift card. You can also buy them by visiting any of our perfume shops.

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