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Carita My C.L.E Beauty Device


Carita My C.L.E Beauty Device

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  • Carita My CLE is a device that combines two energies to visibly give youth to the skin, thus increasing the results of beauty treatments.

    CLE is powerful, full of intuition and innovative, thanks to its high technology returns the firmness to the skin, the spots disappear, the imperfections are minimized and the anti aesthetic shine disappears, thus satisfying all the needs of women in the world of beauty. Day by day the power of the LED light ensures a tailor-made result, the microcurrents return the firmness to the skin acting as an instant lifting, the specific action of the CARITA serums leave the skin young and beautiful.

    In only 4 minutes, surprising results.

    Discover more about what My C.L.E can do for you in this post on our blog.